Project Design Stages _ Planning your Project [Domestic Projects]

We work on a variety of different projects covering a multitude of sectors. But we realised that with many of our domestic clients it is sometimes difficult for them to relate to the RIBA Standard Work Stages which we use as a basis to set out our projects and often judge our timescales by when setting up our projects objectives.

We wanted to put together a document which we could present to all future clients as a guideline relating the works stages back to a domestic contract, but also to share with the wider public who may be considering a future project and haven't taken into account the lead in timescales for the design process required before any construction works can begin on site.

Dependent on the scale your domestic extension, refurbishment or even new build project the design process including any local authority approvals can be anywhere from 16 to 24 weeks meaning that if you are hoping to start building during April / May when the weather improves you should be considering getting the design process started as early as November. You have to remember once planning is approved you have 3 years to build your project before the application lapses. So why not get things in place early so that you don't have the stress of trying to rush things through at the last minute. We hope this article helps people in the future when considering a project of their own.

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