Permitted Development Rights, Good or Bad......

In January a story was published in 'The Planner' discussing the LGA's 'Local Government Associations' comment that "Permitted development rights rules are “detrimental” to local communities and should be scrapped" We work with residential clients regularly in providing house extensions to add additional much needed space to their properties, of which the majority of the time is due to the current housing market and not being able to move to somewhere bigger to suit their current needs. With this, also comes a lot of permitted development projects which are often led by the client as they want to reduce the time it takes for their project to be able to start on site by complying with the permitted development guidelines and eradicating the 8-12 week planning approval timeline set by councils. As designers within the construction industry offering a service, we feel that the permitted development scheme does offer a level of flexibility to our clients and ourselves in the project process, but can also see the ways in which it has had a huge impact on the visual appearance of local communities due to the lack of authority held of the legislation in terms of design. We are advocates of the scheme and feel it holds many advantages to the residential market and do not think that the solution is as simple as just 'Scrapping It', but to review the guidelines in terms of definitions behind scale in relation to the existing property and surrounding properties, design and the impact of this on the existing dwelling and surrounding properties, and also this could feed back into the planning application process. Does every application need to be fixed under the same time scales. Could a scale be produced to make the process more accessible for smaller developments which then keeps a tighter hold over the design of residential extensions. Read the original storey at this link and feed back your views to us, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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